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Which Flour Should I Use? | 12 Types of flours

Different types of flours Common Flours 1.All-purpose flour All-purpose flour (not to be confused with plain flour) is the most commonly used flour. We probably all have this flour sitting in our kitchen cupboards. All-purpose flour is a mixture of soft and hard wheat and it the most adaptable flour. It has a protein content …

Jollof rice with plantain and chicken stew
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Jollof Rice recipe that NEVER fails with these tips!

Nigerian Jollof Rice Recipe and Tips Jollof rice is known to be a popular one-pot rice dish from West African countries.These are counties such as: Nigeria, Ghana, Senagal, Sierra Leone,Liberia, Côte d’ivore, Togo ,Mali, Liberia etc …The argument over which country makes the best jollof rice is never ending. Today’s recipe and tips lean towards …

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Easy Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Chocolate Brownie Recipe Who doesn’t love a warm, chocolaty brownie batch? Well, you’ve come to the right place, this easy chocolate brownie recipe is quick, easy and perfect to share with your loved ones! Ingredients: 150g Dark Chocolate 125g Butter 3 eggs 150g sugar 1 tsp Vanilla Extract 60g plain flour Pinch of salt Method: …