Moroccan Harira Soup For Ramadan
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Moroccan Harira Soup Recipe For Ramadan

With Ramadan 2021 just around the corner recipes like this one will come in handy… Harira is a soup which originates from the Maghreb which consists of North African countries. This Harira recipe is Moroccan, however, you can also have different soups such as Chorba which can be made the Algerian or Tunisian way. Having …

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Moroccan Potato Fritters (Maakouda)

Moroccan Cuisine is diverse; full of spices, mixtures and blends which create some of the most memorable dishes. But there are some simple Moroccan recipes you can do at home like this one! Maakouda are Potato Fritters/Cakes which are popular Moroccan street-food treats. You can enjoy them as appetizers, snacks or asĀ  side dishes with …